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Spray paint art: Alien mountain city


‘Alien mountain city’ is a premium spray paint art by Mr. Joel Chavez. Made using bright colours and a lot of details in making this art, this is one of the best works to have if you prefer a compact and detailed spray paint art of very high quality.

Please find and read below the artist’s own words, thoughts and inspiration behind this work.

This work is best suited for :

  • People who love attention to details
  • Patrons of high quality spray paint art
  • Loves the use of bright colours which uplifts the mood

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Alien mountain city: Artist’s inspiration behind

‘Alien mountain city’ is a premium spray paint art featuring a very rich number of elements such as highly detailed landscapes, planet and city.

The skies are bright and spectacularly lit with warm shades of red, yellow and orange. We have a brilliant night sky and glowing nebula lighting up the scene.

The landscape of this work is among my favourite as the colours are varied, the shapes are multitude in number and the city has enough details justifying the depth of the view.

We can see two trees which are gigantic and encompasses the city on both sides. Overall this is one of the best representations of an alien word and an alien mountain city. There are many elements that make it seem almost earth like and the red planet has an artistic nearness to mars ?

Overall, when I made this art, I wanted everyone to be able to travel to distant worlds spread all across our cosmos. If someone loves living in a mountain, imagine the idea of living on top of an alien mountain city with all the modern technologies and the awe inspiring night sky which we do not even notice on earth due to our polluted night skies!

If you love this work, you will certainly admire my next work : Alien city universe which details a real out of the world city, up close in its artistic representation. I used a lot of different colours in its making.

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