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Spray paint art : Astral city landscape


Astral city landscape is spray paint art by Mr. Joel Chavez. Made in beautiful shades of lilac, this work features intricate landscapes, night sky and a waterfall.

The giant planet catches the eye at first sight but the mountain rising from the landscape with its many features immediately draws the viewer’s attention. One of the best things about the works of Mr. Chavez is how people find hidden shapes like faces or forms which are but a reflection of their own minds. Did you notice something in this work that is familiar to life on earth but placed obscurely?

Please read more directly from the artist in the description below.

This work is best suited for:

  • People who love details
  • People whose imagination is strong which allows them to perceive hidden details
  • Lovers of astronomy who finds such worlds exotic

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Astral city landscape: Artist’s inspiration behind

Astral city landscape is spray paint art in lilac and purple hues. The primary focus of this work is the landscape and the night sky of this astral city.

The mountain that rises up to meet the planet has intricate designs which reflects differently to each person depending on the person’s perspectives. Some see faces, some see fossilized vertebrae. What I see is personal to me. However, these shapes are intentionally created by my finger movements which is unique to each of my works. The beauty lies in how each mind sees what reflects its own self or state of mind.

The sky that looks down upon this astral city landscape is dominated by a giant planet surrounded by its moon. Two other smaller sized planets orbit this star system and lights up the skies of this alien astral city landscape.

There is a misty waterfall where lilac liquids of this world flows down the cliff. Most people are used to seeing water in the ocean. However, in astral cities or exo-planets such as seen in this work, the sea can have liquids of  many elements including molten metals (are you thinking of a volcano ?)  or other compounds.

The objective if my work is to always provoke people to think deep and think beyond the constraints of our planet earth. Compared to the vastness of this universe, our home is a tiny dot.

I hope that the viewer will be inspired to think globally about life than live life like a mechanical routine.

If you love alien planet landscapes and admire planets as seen from these worlds, please feel free to check my next work with a giant red planet : The red planet.

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