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Spray paint art : Mountains and aurora


‘Mountains and aurora’ is a premium  spray paint art work by Mr. Joel Chavez.

Set in a beautiful and clam still night where the mountains are bathed with moonlight and a unusual aurora hiding a comet in its glow, we can see the forest and amazing landscape taking the breath away.

This work intends to help you feel the calmness and peace that one feels when visiting such landscapes and makes you yarn to take a pause and admire the beauty of life and our planet.

Please find more in the description below about the inspiration and thoughts behind this work from the artist.

This work is best suited for :

  • Interior decoration where a peaceful landscape in black and white is apt
  • Businesses and meeting rooms where calmness is important
  • Patrons of spray paint art

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Mountains and aurora : Artist’s inspiration behind

‘Mountains and aurora’ is a premium spray paint art work portraying a mountain which is lit by a mild unusual aurora. The landscape is surrounded by a beautiful forest covered in mist. The entire scene exudes peace and stillness, qualities important for the inner growth and development.

The primary colours used are black and white with a touch of mild colour for the glowing aurora.

I made this work to help the room where my work will one day stand, find the same peaceful qualities which can be found in the mountains bathed by moonlight and aurora. Almost hidden in the light of the aurora is a comet striking across the sky.

These mountains and aurora is a perfect spot to sit and contemplate deeper things in life and in this universe. The inspiration behind my work is always to help people re-connect with nature and find the peace and tranquillity that comes with inner exploration. However, in our busy lives, doing this little introspection unfortunately does not find importance. For the person who wants to develop, you need to take breaks and reach out to the elements which inspires you or makes you feel connected. It can the mountains, oceans or forests. Sit still to introspect your inner self and other deeper topics. The transformation will be truly astounding.

In my spray paint art works, I try and make people dream, to yarn for the things that they can see in my work and which will hopefully inspire them to seek these by breaking the monotonous daily life cycle which has been forced upon us by a system that we ourselves have built, and hence limited our potentials.

If you loved this work but would love to go beyond the confines of this earthly landscape, then please feel free to check out my next work : Blue space.

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