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Spray paint art : Waterfall from eyes


Waterfall from eyes is a premium spray paint art work by Mr. Joel Chavez. As consistent with his style, he has drawn on his creativity to hide subtle messages about the environment and nature which we often forget to care about.

Set in a beautiful landscape featuring a waterfall, cosmic eye and a road which is futuristic to say the least, the artwork captivates the mind and brings out the power of spray paint art’s possibilities.

Please find below the artist’s own thoughts and inspiration.

This art is best suited for :

  • Patrons of art with hidden subtle meaning which provokes deeper contemplation
  • Patrons of spray paint art specially made in black and white shades
  • People drawn by the element of water

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Waterfall from eyes: Artist’s inspiration behind

Waterfall from eyes is a premium spray paint art mixed with symbolic elements which hopefully will make you think more about our own planet and start reflecting on your actions which directly impacts mother nature.

Set in a beautiful exo-planetary landscape and waterfall flowing across the scene, we are struck with a beautiful road made by intelligent life. The end of the road has a glow probably emanating from a city which is hidden in the horizon.

Like on earth, their world is being inhabited by life which is using the planet’s resources. However, their use has lead to the landscape changing and some of which now looks desolate and grey (do we on earth know about mining? ). Observe and you will find in the beauty, some elements which are grey.

Hence, the cosmic eye which is symbolic of the universe or mother nature looking out silently and struggling to maintain the ecological balance has a waterfall reminiscent of tears of a grieving person. Grieving because just like on earth, the life in this beautiful exoplanet is slowly consuming without thinking of the future consequences to their home planet.

This is what is really happening to our home planet. In my spray paint artwork, I did not portray a real desolate earth as I did not want to project negativity. However, I sugar coated the message by putting the cosmic eye in a beautiful landscape such that people can enjoy art and comprehend the deeper meaning of my art without which my purpose will remain unfulfilled.

I have created similar motifs and some of which are darker and more to the point about the message. Example would be my work named : Cosmic eye in mist.

If you love this work, then please check out my next work with a similar concept and less subtle in conveying its message : Grieving eye.

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